StradivariRock by Daniele Dondè

World Preview/ Premier for modern and contemporary art.

Violin Sculptures – True art made from used authentic violins originating from the Stradivari School of Music, Cremona, Italy.

stradivari-rock-logoThe most collected Italian artist in the world, Daniele Dondè, the master who comes from the “ Citta dei Violini  “, Cremona, Italy. Cremona, the “City of Violins”, named so after the greates violinmaker all time,  Antonio Stradivari, creator of the world famous Stradivari Violins.
The contemporary Italian artist Daniele Dondè has created for discerning collectors and for the contemporary art movement in general, a world first. Violin Sculptures.
Masterpieces of art sculpture created on authentic viola and violins.

Donde walked the long way from Stradivari to Andy Warhol to create the world's first Violin Sculptures. Intricately painted and decorated with gold, precious stones and Murano and Swarovski crystals, he turned the antique musical instruments into luxurious works of fine and applied arts. 
Dondè has recreated hand painted, iconic images by various artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Degas and many more.
The violin as such is deconstructed by its ability to create sound, and music harmony and immense pleasure of listening . The artist Donde create another kind of emotion that still generates emotions harmony and peace-maker in the look and possession of this wonderful music object.
All these emotions in one limited Violin sculptureTHE STRADIVARI ROCK!


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